About Us

We have been on the internet for 21 years and this is a family owned company. We started out under another site called "cornerstonep" as a Netscape store with one product: Dutch Blitz. The site was labeled "Cornerstone Christian Products", eventually just "Cornerstone Products." As it was not a front loaded site, the server was turned off as of May 1, 2017.  Aultnet.com built our last  website 16 years ago and this latest version is now with PinnacleCart.

We added in 2005 Communion Supplies selling cups and breads and then Communion Trays, Offering Plates and Offering Bags. As our church business grew our games division became less. In 2008 we added Collegiate Apparel robes for both the Clergy and the Judicial and Church Paraments. Murphy Robes was acquired and became the "Name Brand" for the robe industry.

Key verses from the Bible for myself is Matthew 16:22-24 -understanding my position before God, knowing to pick up my cross I will need his help to do it (John 15:5; Philipians 4:13) AND Romans 12:1-2 the renewal of my mind with the knowledge that everything I do should reflect that action as a form of worship to God Almighty.

It has been an interesting journey and hope your needs will be met through our business to you.