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CAREFP LLC DBA Carefree Products
Larry L. Wells (Owner/manager)
516 E. 116th Avenue
Northglenn, CO

Office Phone Number: 303-255-3011
Toll Free Number: 
Fax Number: 303-328-3926 
Email Support:
Hours: The internet store is open 7 days a week all hours day and night for purchasing our products. Voice attendants are not available mid Saturdays through Monday mornings.

We are in Mountain Standard Time, please keep this in mind when calling from your location in the USA and/or Internationally.

All orders are processed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours except when items are temporarily out of stock. Shipping is limited to United States Post Ofice up until noon each Saturday and all UPS or Fedex Ground is between Monday and Friday only. Holidays usually no shipping happens.

Request return call please identify your time zone as is not our intention to wake you up or call too late

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